School Ski Trip 2024 Arinsal Andorra

Immediately after getting off the long bus ride, I knew it was going to be a magical time. The snow-capped mountains, the fluffy beds, even the food was amazing! Despite being exhausted, I was charmed by the local markets and shops! 
This feeling also applies to the skiing itself. It felt unreal to ride down slopes at grand speeds, air rushing past you. It was just ethereal! Personally, my favourite part was the snow park, where there were humongous jumps for us to ski over and have fun on! Even after every fall, we would get up laughing and continue our track. 
The après-ski activities were also excellent! First, we went bowling, and it was really entertaining to see some people get massive scores. Next, we did ice-skating, and it was incredibly funny seeing almost everyone, including me, keep falling again and again. Finally, we did karaoke. It was super fun, and everyone had an amazing time, not just the people participating, but also the onlookers!
As our trip came to an end, I was glad I had come, even though I was quite nervous initially going into the bus. I made loads of memories and have no regrets at all looking back at the experience!

Form 7 student

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