Admissions overview

We are here to show you around our school, and to guide you through the steps of our admissions process, so do please get in touch.

We welcome enquiries about places in the school for entry in any year, though it is often the case that places might not be available due to year groups having achieved their full allocation. The sooner within the academic year that contact is made, the better for all parties.

When a formal application has been received, an applicant will be interviewed by a member of the teaching staff appropriate to his or her age, who is a member of the Admissions Committee.                              The Committee will also consider reports and assessment data from an applicant’s previous school. We also ask that applicants sit an adaptive cognitive reasoning assessment appropriate to their age.

As English is the language of instruction in all but Modern Foreign Languages and Portuguese History, we also consider an applicant’s current or foreseeable ability to access our curriculum, and to thrive in the OBS English-speaking environment as a fundamental aspect of our admissions process. We provide EAL (English as an additional language) support within the school, but this serves to supplement an existing or developing level of language in line with the facility of language expected at each stage.

The Admissions Committee will review and consider all applications for places at Oporto British School, irrespective of ethnicity, gender or religion.

For any enquiries please contact our admissions officer, Alexandra Monteiro

(351)22 616 6665 (National landline call)