Admissions Policies

The school generally has two classes in each year group in Primary, and three smaller forms in each year group in Secondary. The school is committed to maintaining a balance between year group sizes and also to ensuring that class sizes do not become so large as to reduce the overall quality of the educational experience for all concerned.

The Admissions Committee will review and consider all applications for places at OBS, irrespective of ethnicity, gender or religion. In cases where there are more applicants than there are available spaces, the Admissions Committee will consider a range of factors when prioritising offers of places.

Criteria for admission

(in no order)

 No pupil shall be admitted without

Offers are generally made to cover the full duration of an applicant’s schooling, in the hope that he or she will be happy and fulfilled at OBS and will make a positive contribution to the life of the school. However, if we have any concerns about a pupil’s suitability for progression into the following year group, or into the Secondary Section (including the transition from IGCSE to IB), these will have been raised with parents by the respective Heads of Primary/ Secondary during the year.

The Headmaster reserves the right for a child to repeat an academic year and/ or not to offer a place in the following academic year based upon academic and / or pastoral concerns.



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