Oporto British School was founded as a not-for-profit educational trust and remains so to this day, benefiting from the generosity and contribution of a community that has always placed the best possible provision for its young people at the core of its purposes. This is most clearly seen through representation as members of the Association, which elects the governors of the school.

According to the Articles of Association of Oporto British School, all Parents or Legal Guardians of current pupils are eligible to become Interim Members of the Association, as long as they request this and pay the annual membership fee.

This will give them rights to both attend the Annual General Meeting and vote on all reports and proposals presented. Parents or Legal Guardians who are not Interim Members, are able to attend the Annual General Meetings, but are not entitled to vote.

If you wish to request Interim Membership of the Association of Oporto British School, please complete the application form below and email it to Joana Saraiva. The membership fee has been set by the Board of Governors at €10 per year. If you would like further information on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary to the Board, Joana Saraiva