From the very beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic Oporto British School ensured that learning could continue with minimum disruption. With a priority placed on presential lessons, classes will always take place in school if possible.

OBS can transition to remote learning and back to presential lessons effectively and swiftly. Whenever remote learning is required, there is a preferred emphasis on timetabled live synchronous teaching and learning, and the effective use of learning platforms to ensure that all children and students obtain the regular support and feedback they need.

OBS is working closely with the public health authorities, has a robust contingency plan that seeks to minimize the chance of infection occurring at school, in line with current government guidelines, and ensures that all staff know how to respond in the event of a suspected case. The pandemic has been a difficult period for many families. OBS has proactive initiatives and support structures in place to help support children and students with their mental health.