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 When is the school opening again?

The school cannot commit with a date so far. Online learning will then begin fully on Monday 16th March and continue until Friday 3rd April and then, if necessary, start again on Tuesday 21st April 2020. 


Are we changing the Easter Holidays period?

No. The period between 4th April and the 20th April will be holiday as stipulated in our School Calendar. 

How does the online e-learning work?

This will depend on which section you are in.  In EYFS (Pre-Prep to Reception) we will be using a platform callled ‘Tapestry’.  EYFS students will need a lot of parents support at home- activities etc will be uploaded and then interaction between pupil/parent and teacher will be regular during school hours.

In Primary we will be using a platform called  ‘Seesaw’.  Students will get instructions, tips etc through this and then will have to put pieces of work together and upload them.  Teachers will then give feedback and respond as appropriate, setting further tasks when needed.

In Secondary we will be using Google Classroom Meets, and will stick to timetabled lessons with some face to face teaching, and plenty of interaction.  Again, the students will have to put pieces of work together and upload them.  Teachers will then give feedback and respond as appropriate, setting further tasks when needed.

Parents/students will have clear guidelines and to start off with in relation to online learning.  It will be a learning experience/work in progress and we will continue to hone our practice as it progresses.

How will student wellbeing be supported?

We will be sending out regular advice and updates and there will be a helpline to contact in the case of any concerns relating to student wellbeing.  Safeguarding of children will be ongoing.  Use of social media is not always positive, but this is a time where we can use it to our advantage.  Students are encouraged to video chat with friends and family during this time.  Potential social isolation is very real during this time and any way we can mitigate this will be beneficial.
The helpline number is: 220139589 and it can be accessed between 09.00 and 12.30am and 2.00 until 7.00pm.

How will those with learning difficulties/EAL be supported?

There is a full programme of interventions organised by our Head of Learning Development, Ms Maria García.  Those who normally receive support can expect to receive support at home. 


Can I contact teachers at any moment?

 Yes, teachers and admin staff will be providing online e-learning and assistance to their students and you may contact them by email. Staff are being encouraged to respond to emails during working time on weekdays. 


Will Extra Curricular Clubs and trips be cancelled or postponed?

There will be no extra-curricular clubs or trips during school closure.  Some calendared trips, e.g. Duke of Edinburgh’s will be rearranged for next term.

Regarding Escola das Artes, lessons will be continuing either online or with other arrangements. They will be contacting any parents/students involved.

Will school continue with the Contingency Plan during the closure?

 Yes, we will. If you or your child has any development on health conditions, please inform the school.

 Find here our Contingency Plan.


Will my child be evaluated at home?

Yes, teachers will give feedback on any work uploaded and there will be an expectation to get work in. 


Are the internal exams (F9 and F11) being postponed?

No, the internal exams will not be postponed. We kindly ask you to wait for teachers communications.


Will IGCSE and IB exams be postponed?

No, they will not. Cambridge International and IB are not allowing for the exams timetables to be changed.

You may find the IGCSE and IBDP recommendations here:

For more information please contact our Exams Officer: