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Forms 1-5

Under School Sections, Primary, Forms 1-5

Cambridge Primary, typically for learners aged 5 to 11 years, gives schools a world-class curriculum to develop learner skills and understanding in English, mathematics and science. It enables teachers to assess children's learning as they progress with two optional assessments: Cambridge Primary Progression Tests and Cambridge Primary Checkpoint.

Key features: 

Foundation for secondary education
Cambridge Primary helps identify a learner's strengths and weaknesses and can be used to support learning and development. It prepares learners for a smooth transition to Cambridge Secondary 1 and beyond.

External benchmark
Cambridge Primary assessments, including Cambridge Primary Checkpoint, provide teachers with an international benchmark to inform their teaching and easily measure learners' progress over time. They also enable detailed, structured reporting to parents.

International curriculum
Appropriate and relevant internationally, Cambridge Primary has been designed to be culturally sensitive. It includes top-quality teaching and assessment resources appropriate for teaching and learning in local and international schools.

Cambridge Primary complements a range of teaching methods and curricula. This flexibility  allows us to  weave the Cambridge Primary English, Maths and Science  programme into the Humanities, PE and Art programmes, which closely follow the UK national curriculum.

Curriculum Maps 2018/19

The Curriculum Maps below outline the topics that pupils will be studying this year in each of their subjects. They will provide you with greater information regarding the teaching and learning of each pupil.

It is important that you view these maps as a plan to the year; they are in effect 'working documents' and are therefore subject to review and amendment. In the nature of the teaching and learning process, pupils often learn at a different pace from their peers and teachers respond appropriately by adapting their own specific Scheme(s) of Work and style(s) of teaching; this is an essential part of the pedagogical process.

This is regarded as integral to the school's commitment to the continual development, articulation and documentation of curricula.

If you have any enquiries regarding the Curriculum Map, please contact the relevant Head of Department.

 Form 1 Curriculum Map
Form 2 Curriculum Map
 Form 3 Curriculum Map
 Form 4 Curriculum Map
 Form 5 Curriculum Map