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Pre-Prep (from age 3)

In September 2017 Oporto British School opened the 1st Pre-Prep class!

The first step in a child's education journey starts here. Our mission is to make the beginning of this adventure the smoothest and happiest as possible. 

By starting our Pre-Prep programme, children will be developing key skills in preparation for their future learning and success as pupils and individuals.

In our small classes, each child is unique, with special talents and abilities and an individual learning style which is promoted by our individualized teaching method.

Children will be totally immersed in an English-speaking environment from the age of 3, supported by our highly qualified and experienced teachers, who are native English speakers. At the age of 5, children will be able to read in English. 

Our teaching provides a safe, caring, supportive and familiar learning environment preparing confident, happy and driven children that will succeed on our Primary school. 

If you need further information, please contact our Admissions Team.