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Curriculum Maps

Curriculum Maps 2020/2021

The Curriculum Maps below outline the topics that pupils will be studying this year in each of their subjects. They will provide you with greater information regarding the teaching and learning of each pupil.

It is important that you view these maps as a plan to the year; they are in effect 'working documents' and are therefore subject to review and amendment. In the nature of the teaching and learning process, pupils often learn at a different pace from their peers and teachers respond appropriately by adapting their own specific Scheme(s) of Work and style(s) of teaching; this is an essential part of the pedagogical process.

This is regarded as integral to the school's commitment to the continual development, articulation and documentation of curricula.

If you have any enquiries regarding the Curriculum Map, please contact the relevant Head of Department.

Form 11 Curriculum Maps

Form 12 Curriculum Maps