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Welcome to Secondary

Welcome from Mr Chris Payne, Head of Secondary

Welcome to the Secondary school section which aims to provide information about the curriculum along with keeping you up to date with news and events happening here at OBS. I hope that the website will give you an insight into the fantastic activities and exciting learning opportunities in our school.

The Secondary section is a warm and welcoming environment. Our goal is for every pupil to have a secure place where they can expand their knowledge, develop their learning and hone their social skills through providing a rigorous academic curriculum along with opportunities beyond the classroom. OBS is not an academically selective school but we expect all pupils to strive for success in everything they undertake.

Many of our pupils undertake university education in England. Others attend university here in Portugal, while some have gone on to study in other European countries and further afield.

Our pupils represent the school nationally and internationally in the Arts, in sporting events, at the MUN, on CAS activities and at academic conferences. We believe that through a strong partnership between teachers, parents and pupils, your child will have the opportunity to flourish as a learner and as an individual. They will also benefit from working with our teaching staff, a group of dedicated professionals who are passionate about teaching children, experienced in teaching their subjects and specialism and who are also always striving for success in their teaching strategies and classroom practice.

Chris Payne
Head of Secondary