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Thank you for visiting the website of Oporto British School and I do hope you find the site helpful and informative. We trust that the content and pictures give a sense of our wonderful school.
This is a very special school with a history stretching back to 1894, making it one of the oldest international schools in the world and, we believe, the oldest British school in Continental Europe.

OBS is known for its warm welcome, family atmosphere, small class sizes and individual attention. It also has a very strong reputation for excellent teaching and academic rigour with a culture of respect, courtesy and good manners. We are very proud of our students and their many achievements. It is a great honour to lead this amazing school in the beautiful city of Porto.

Our school motto: "To strive for success and to serve” embodies our approach to education. We ask all our staff, pupils and parents to embrace this motto. Together we will become a community of reflective learners and thoughtful citizens, who will always strive to do of their best.

We want all students to become better people in their learning, in their interaction with others and in their understanding of the world. Through this reflection we call on this community to act to make our school, our locality and the world a better place.

Though the website is an excellent window into Oporto British School, nothing can replace a personal visit so please do contact us to arrange a tour.

Robin Silk