Learning at OBS

Although the advantages of a broad, logically sequenced international curriculum taught in English are many and considerable, Oporto British School is about far more than this. 

At OBS our aim is that the greatest source of inspiration for our students should be the engagement and endeavours of those around them, as all members of the community are at the centre of our educational ethos. An atmosphere of purposeful enthusiasm, from the oldest to the youngest, ensures that our pupils’ strengths and achievements are enhanced and celebrated, but that they are also encouraged to be brave in their decisions and to try new things. The educational experience we offer is about the development of the whole child: intellectual, co-curricular, personal and social.

Early Years

In EYFS students learn to write, read and work with two-digit numbers.

Lower Primary

Students become independent learners. They learn chess, music, art, PE, and Portuguese.

Upper Primary

Students develop their reading and understanding of number. They are able to work with two digit numbers and read with increased fluency and ease.


Students develop the essential skills and habits of the IB learner: independence, research, collaboration, time management, critical thinking and creativity, whilst taking their first steps towards public examinations.


Students continue their learning journey preparing to sit IGCSE exams at the end of Form 10, whilst not being entirely exam-focused, with longer-term learning considerations in mind through our joined-up enquiry- and skills- based curriculum.


Students’ secondary education culminates with the all-round experience that is the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, combining breadth of offer, independent extended research and presentation, preparation for life as a university student, and the opportunity to exercise further responsibility within the school community.