Pastoral Overview

The well-being, welfare and development of every individual in the school community is a cornerstone of Oporto British School, in line with our adherence to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Each person will perform to the best of their ability if they are confident, secure, well-motivated and happy.

The school believes that each person possesses unique qualities which must be recognised and nurtured. Inter-personal relationships built on mutual trust, respect and regard are fostered throughout the school. Individuals are encouraged to be independent and to take the initiative, but also to work effectively as a member of a team. The school actively promotes equality of opportunity.

Everyone feels comfortable in the knowledge that there is a person or persons to whom they can turn for support, advice, or protection. There is an atmosphere of co-operation and friendliness, and an effective system for recognising and dealing with behaviour concerns.

Pastoral Care in everyday life

OBS provides a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment where children and students can feel secure and thrive. All teachers and staff at OBS have a pastoral role as they are not merely instructors. There is a recognition that their role is wider than the delivery of the subject they are teaching or the activity they are supervising. 

Children and students are encouraged to recognise that they too have a pastoral role to play with their fellow students. In order to achieve this, a system of providing opportunities for children and students to take on responsibilities and exercise qualities of leadership is offered at all ages. In each of these cases, the students are expected to take on roles in helping teachers in the supervision of students and taking on tasks to assist in the smooth running of the School.