Beyond OBS

Exam Results

Students sit Cambridge IGCSE exams at the end of Form 10 and the IB Diploma exams at the end of Form 12. Oporto British School students consistently achieve excellent results in both these exam series and with widely recognised qualifications, are able to study at some of the top universities around the world including Portugal, UK and the USA.

Academic and pastoral teams and a dedicated universities and careers officer, work together to ensure our students have all the support they need to be successful and to carry on with their chosen journey after OBS.

Beyond OBS

Different options are presented to students regarding their future as we work towards giving them different career paths and show them how to pursue different options after they finish their studies at OBS, those choices ranging from carrying on with their studies at a Higher Education Institute (HEI), to apprenticeships or gap years.

If an HEI is their option, we aspire to assist in any application they wish to pursue as requirements are different depending on the type of institution and country.

Being an inclusive school, we aim to place our students in the best possible universities or other institutions of further education taking into consideration all different aspects of their academic and life achievements.

University Destinations over the past 10 years:

Number of University Courses
over the past 10 years: