Parent Teacher Association

All parents and teachers can be members of the School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and have an opportunity to contribute to the workings of the Oporto British School community. 

The purpose of the PTA is to support the OBS community, to promote and strengthen ties between families and the school, and to organise community fundraising events. Over the years the PTA has raised funds and made contributions to specific school projects for the benefit of the students including purchasing a PA system for the Teage Hall, purchasing digital media equipment for Primary school, providing funds for outdoor play equipment for students of all ages and contributing to increasing the range of books in the school libraries.

The PTA organizes events for the OBS Community throughout the school year, including a Welcome Barbecue, Christmas Tree-Lighting and Spring Fayre culminating in the End of Year Party that follows the School’s Prize Giving Ceremony at the end of the Summer Term. These are successful due to the voluntary hard work of PTA members and are driven by the PTA Committee.

The PTA Committee is elected every September and post-holders of Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary are chosen from the Committee. Any PTA member can put themselves forward for election to the Committee. The Committee members are dedicated and committed to the organisation of events and attend monthly meetings. Their time, given up on behalf of the school community, is very valued. We would love to hear from you!

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