Careers Day

On June 22 we hosted a Careers Day at Oporto British School, where we invited a variety of speakers from different professional sectors to share their knowledge, information about their workplace, their experience, and the education and skills that are required to be accomplished professionally and personally.

Ana Fernandes (Natixis) insights in the inexistence of boundaries for what you want to be; Tiago Rebelo (CEiiA) reminding that you can do everything right academically, however, life may have different plans for you; Margarida Saraiva (IBMC) acknowledge that without passion and hard work nothing is truly accomplished and worthful; Luísa Furtado Jervell (NOS) found in her soft skills the key to modelling herself to new career challenges and to identify the right people to work in her teams. Sónia Basto (Judge) showed our students that a law degree not only trains lawyers and judges and, finally, Marlene Cerqueira (Musician) explained to us that the entertainment business only succeeds with a cohesive and structured team that easily becomes a family.

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