OBSMUN 2022 was a fantastic 3-day venture enlisting the help and expertise of a large number of our students.

Our honoured guest speaker, Professora Maria do Céu Pinto Arena, from the Department of Political Science at Universidade do Minho, was welcomed by the team as well as by Leta Ferreira (MUN Director at OBS). She spoke about the historical and current challenges faced by the United Nations, about its need to adapt to new realities, giving detailed examples; a wonderful setting of context for the deliberations to come. We were also addressed by Mr Etienne Huret (Director-General at Natixis Porto), who reminded us all that it is ‘attitude, not aptitude, that will give you altitude!´. Opening remarks were also delivered by João Araújo (Secretary-General) and closing remarks by Pedro Pinho (Head of Logistics) and Lara Machado (Head of Communications).

We welcomed delegates from Brazil, China, Colombia, France, India, Iran, Japan, Qatar Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, the United States and of course Portugal too.

At 3pm, the delegates started debating different topics in the different committees:

In the ECOSOC council, delegates presented clauses about two topics; 1-Increasing Renewable Energy’s share in Worldwide Energy Consumption; 2- International Trade as an engine for Sustainable Development.  

At the Security Council the participants were talking about the problems with migration in Sahel, a region of particular concern to our guest speaker. In the evening discussion continued online, and it was a particular pleasure to witness our organizing committee advising younger or less experienced participants from all over the world about procedures and processes for the next day. We particularly want to express our thanks to Natixis for their hospitality in such an impressive venue.

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