From the Eco-council

For the past few weeks the Eco Council have been going over what we can improve in our school and through a questionnaire we found out that most students agree that we should improve our biodiversity. The Eco Council now presents a biodiversity project that involves attracting butterflies. We´ve done our research and plan on using flowers to attract species of the colourful insect. So we ask you please to donate soil and seeds of flowers such as: Lavenders, Summer Lilacs, Zinnias, Cosmos, Coneflowers, or just seeds of nectar rich flowers. You can leave them in a collection box this week at the front or back gates. These will be used in school to attract butterflies and increase our biodiversity.

If you can help us to identify what species of butterflies you have around your home, this would be great too. You can use the App suggested and send an email with your pictures to Let´s see what butterflies we have in Porto!

Thank you very much, The Eco Council (Nicole Soares – Form 9)

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