Form 12 Trip to São Tomé e Príncipe

Between 2nd and 10th June, 13 of our Form 12 visited São Tomé to work with local charities Missão Dimix and Cacae. The students were incredible ambassadors for OBS and have helped to forge strong links with these organisations. We were not only stunned by both the beauty of the island and its people but also the extent of poverty in which they live. Experiencing the history of the island and its links with Portugal and Britain through a visit to a museum was interesting but the very real reminders of the reality of life for the workers in the coffee plantations at roça Monte Café and Agua-Ize, have left a lasting impression on us all. As did tasting the coffee, fish, fried bananas (lots of fried bananas!) and coconuts. We also had a taste of the São Tomean passion for football, chess and all things water based.

As a school we will be working with these charities throughout the year and are already planning our next trip.

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