Form 11 complete their Collaborative Science Project

On the last week of May Form 11 took part in an exciting Collaborative Science Project.

They were given 10 hours to choose a global or local problem related to the topic of plastic pollution and were asked to work collaboratively in groups to investigate solutions. The results were certainly impressive!

Dr Luis R. Vieira, a research scientist from CIIMAR (Centro Interdisciplinar de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental) introduced this year’s theme and gave advice to our students. He inspired our students to work collaboratively and creatively by highlighting the most current research (where Portugal is a world leader) and solutions that Portugal is embracing, some as close to OBS as the bubble barrier in Vila do Conde! 

Different groups investigated everything from attitudes towards plastic pollution, to the use of AI in plastic removal, repurposing chewing gum and plastic waste, using novel chemicals and bacteria to deal with ocean microplastics and edible single use food containers.

Students then presented their findings and solutions, ranging from biodegradable chewing gum and chewing gum removal solutions, to Machine Learning plastic detectors for river cleaning, to edible cups for music festivals, to solutions for coagulating microplastics to facilitate cleaning our waterways. Some innovative and exciting thinking was on display; well done to all!

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